Why is RENTABOX® the best option? 

- RentaBoxes have much better capacity than cardboard boxes.

- Saves your Time. Order Online and we´ll handle the rest. 

- No Waste, this makes a better world for all of us. 

- Safer, Reliable, Strong, Stackable and Water Resistant 

- We recycle our products to make new RentaBoxes® after their useful life


1. Are we a moving or packing Company?

No, but we´ll gladly recommend you with our partners, which can help you move and pack your things


2. How many RentaBoxes do I need?

We have an Estimator in which according to your needs you can get a better idea of how many you will need. 


3. Do our prices include delivery and pickup?

Delivery and pick up, on orders $1000 pesos and above; within the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City, or orders of less a transportation fee will be charged.

If it's outside Mexico City an extra charge maybe added


4.What if I need more RentaBoxes?

Contact us, and we´ll deliver them as soon as possible. In case the $1,000 pesos minimum order an extra regarding transportation might be added.


5. I loved the RENTABOX®, can I buy them? 

Of course, ask for the special prices for our customers. 


6. Can I keep the RentaBoxes for more time?

Yes, but please let us know before we go to pick them up. We have prices per extra week or half weeks. 


7. How do I pay? 

  1. Cash, at the time of delivery.

  2. Anticipated Bank Transfer 

  3. PAYPAL, in the Order section of our web page.

  4. Credit or Debit Cards, at the time of delivery.


8. How are RENTABOX® kept shut?

You can get our numbered security straps attached at each end to secure the boxes, so you´ll be the only one who knows what´s inside. 


9. Can we send you a personalized invoice (factura)?

Of course, after the payment is through send us you invoicing details and will send it within aprox 24 horas.

Write to us at: factura@rentabox.mx


10. What are we doing against the spread of COVID19?

Firstly all of our staff wears masks whether they are in the office, werehouse or out delivering

We wash all our products with soap and water to ensure the products are clean and disinfected


11. Have more doubts?

You can call us at 55 62 99 46 78 to inquire more and we'll gladly assit you.

You can also write to: erwin@rentabox.mx

Or simply visit our social media pages to know more about us and our products.




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